Trail Days

Holdridge 2011 Trail Days

  • April 2  10am–3pm Spring Cleanup and meeting Trail Day
  • May 14  10am–3pm Trail Day
  • June 18  9am–3pm Trail Day
  • July 9  9am–3pm Trail Day and Group Ride
  • July 30  9am-3pm Trail Day
  • August 20  9am–3pm Trail Day
  • September 10  9am–3pm Trail Day and meeting

Ruby 2011 Trail Days

  • Please check under Ruby Trail Project for updates
  • We gather at 8:30ish and work until Noonish
  • April 2nd
  • April 9th
  • June 4th
  • July 16th
  • Aug 13th (final trail prep for USAC XC Event 8/21)

Who can particpate?
All MMBA events are open to members and non-members. All the work is done by volunteers.  Please come out and help take care of some great trail systems.

What should I bring?
Everyone should bring:
> gloves
> safety glasses
> water and energy snacks
> bug repellent (seasonal)
> backpack

Additional Details?
Any additional tail day specific details will be posted on this web site, in the MMBA “Trail Conditions & Comments” Forum, and sent out to one week prior to the event. If you wish to be added to the email distribution, just send an email with “ADD” in the Subject line.

What is good trail maintenance?
These trail systems are maintained according to IMBA standards for sustainability. Check out the IMBA Resources page “Trail Building and Design” link. They have some excellent articles that give you an idea of how much planning and preparation is required to appropriately build and maintain a trail system.


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