Email Distribution
If you wish to be added to the Chapter email distribution list, update your email address, or remove it from the list, contact Please include “ADD”, “REMOVE” or “UPDATE” in the Subject line.


Jim Owens
Chapter President

Brad Hranach
Chapter Vice President / State board Rep.

Pam Klein
Chapter Secretary

Tony Klein
Chapter Treasurer

Jesse Gould
CPS Rep.

Ron Arnott
Holdridge Trail Coordinator

Andy Fraser
Holdridge Ast. Trail coordinator / Webmaster

Todd Powers
Ruby Trail Coordinator



  1. Dear /HollyFlint:

    I recently read your latest newsletter and am excited to hear about a possible project at the Hogbacks. Residing in the northern part of Genesee County I have realized that I don’t have a location friendly hobby. I have managed to find small and sometimes hidden trails to ride when I can’t make it to the south.

    After some thought, I have decided to join the MMBA. With that in mind, I envy what the organization does to the MTB world.

    I would be interested in knowing more about the Hogback situation and what is happening. I did read that Marne Smiley was having “some negative” response with this project. I am very excited about the possibility of this project happening and am offering to help. I currently work as a paralegal and have insight on the legal process. Please let me know any way I can do to help the Holly/Flint Chapter in getting this project moving.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Jered Townsend

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