Posted by: andyf | July 13, 2010

*HOLDRIDGE TRAIL DAY* this Saturday July 17 9am-3pm

Trail conditions are directly dependent on volunteer participation. We need your help for *HOLDRIDGE TRAIL DAY* this Saturday July 17 9am-3pm.

> Complete needed trimming

Everyone should bring:
> gloves & safety glasses
> plenty of water & Gatorade/Powerade
> energy snacks (i.e. gel pack, etc.)
> bug spray
> backpack
> hand pruners
> folding saw

*** Given the very hot conditions lately, carrying and drinking enough fluids is critical. You should also be drinking fluids before you show up!

Please arrive at trail head prior to start time for instructions and prep.

Ron Arnott/Andy Fraser
Holdridge Trail Coordinators



  1. Cut lots of trees out today got some awesome pictures too


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