Posted by: andyf | September 21, 2009

*NEXT TRAIL DAY* Saturday 09/26 10am–2pm (PICNIC FOLLOWING)

We need your help for the next scheduled trail day this Saturday 09/26 10am–2pm.
Trail conditions are directly dependent on volunteer participation!

Those who exceed 10 volunteer hours for the year will benefit from the MMBA FAFL award program. See the following link for more detail…

Our goal will be to complete some West Loop sustainability improvements and
East loop trimming (hangers/face slappers on Meadows).

Everyone should bring:
> gloves, safety glasses, water, energy snacks, bug spray, and backpack

Food will be provided for the Picnic, bring your own beverage.

Please arrive at trail head prior to 10am start time for instructions and prep.

Ron Arnott/Andy Fraser
Holdridge Trail Coordinators



  1. Ron,
    I wanted to leave you this message to tell you what a great job you and the others are doing with the trails this year. As a user of the trails, I can see the changes. Thanks for your efforts.


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