Posted by: andyf | April 19, 2009

Trail Day Saturday April 25 10am-3pm

Hey… we need your help for the upcoming Holdridge trail day!

TRAIL DAY APRIL 25 10 am – 3 pm

> Clear any new down trees sticks and obstacles from the trails
> Rake and clear all excessive leaves from the trails
> Use loppers on any over hanging trees or brush
> Use hedge trimmers to cut the prim rose and picker bushes back
> Pick up any trash along the trail

Everyone should bring:
> gloves
> safety glasses
> backpack
> trash bag
> water and energy snacks

If you have these tools, please bring ‘em:
> rake
> hand pruner or larger limb loppers
> gas powered hedge trimmers (angled head preferred)

Please arrive prior to 10am start time.

Ron Arnott/Andy Fraser
Holdridge Trail Coordinators



  1. Thanks to the 10 volunteers who showed up on trail day we have a very well made and much needed re-route on the West loop, just past the 2 mile marker and over the bridge.I know everyone will appreciate the work of those 10 men every time someone passes that area!!! Thanks; Ron


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